Today I settled, but it didn’t need to end this way

Back on September 21, 2011 I was hit by a car while on my bike and on my way home from work.  I detailed this story and the various steps along the way in the following articles:

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  3. Scared of biking…
  4. Happier than ever…

At the end of the day ICBC makes things very difficult and because of this they are forced to pay amounts of money that they would have otherwise not have had to, if they only cared.

Today I settled with ICBC, my lawyer David Hay, and most importantly with myself.  By signing the paperwork I am officially putting this ordeal behind me.  I say ordeal because it was one, but it didn’t need to end this way.

Some tips for ICBC

When I was originally hit and originally began dealing with ICBC on my own I very quickly discovered that they were not looking out for my best interests.  Rather, they were looking out for theirs.  After speaking with several other bikers who had been hit by a car it was unanimous that I had to get a lawyer.  The ones who hadn’t felt screwed.  The ones who had felt vindicated.  I didn’t want either, I just wanted to be taken care of fairly.  Below are some tips for ICBC to possibly make claims go by easier and faster and with a lot less pain and suffering, literally, for everyone involved.

  1. If someone accepts 100% fault, then do everything you possibly can to help the person who was NOT at fault.  The rest of my pointers assume this is the case.
  2. If a person has a $5,000 bike destroyed, give them $5,000 so that they can get that bike again.
  3. Pay reasonable amounts for things the victim needs.  Reimbursing me $17.35 for every physio, chiro, massage treatment is a slap in the face.  Pay the full bill.  If my doctor says I need it, pay for it.  Don’t make me wait for 12 months before getting that money from you.
  4. You insist on doctor’s notes for everything, then follow through and do what they say.  If you won’t take my word for what I need and force me to get a doctor’s note, then pay for the damn stuff the doctor says I need and pay it up front, don’t make me wait.
  5. CARE!  If I thought you actually cared about me, I wouldn’t have got a lawyer.  If I felt you actually cared about me, I wouldn’t have to feel like a victim again every time I had to go to the doctor to get another note for your file.
  6. Quit your job if you hate your job!  If you don’t like your job, then please quit.  There are people who depend on you for their well being.  Don’t treat them like fraudsters and criminals.  For the most part Canadians are honest, don’t paint us all with the same brush.


At the end of all of this I have to thank everyone who truly did try and who still is trying to get me back to 100% physically and mentally.  These people include:

So this is an end to this chapter.  On to bigger and better things!

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