I made a decision a few days ago that I’m no longer drinking alcohol. It’s been nearly 17 years since I first tried it and after 17 years I’m stopping. Probably one of the first times I tried alcohol was at my friend’s lake in the summer before University. I didn’t like it very much. At University, drinking, in particular beer was quite prevalent. It seemed that as long as you had student ID you could drink anywhere on campus even if I was only 17. Over the years I developed a taste for beer and wine, but beer has always been my favourite.

Hands down the hardest thing this summer will be not enjoying beer. I really love the taste of beer and love to taste many different flavours of beer.

Drinking was due to peer pressure

In University days it was an engineering thing to drink beer. I fell into the trap probably due to low self-confidence (on the inside) and a desire to be a part of something. I drank a lot in University and was most likely an alcoholic. I’m sure most of us were. All too often Friday’s started between noon and 3pm at the Power Plant (a local pub) and would end around 3am in the same place. My home for one year had 5 engineers in it, and I can’t even fathom to count the amount of times we all had a full case of beer (soon to be empty) on our desks while gaming until the wee hours of the morning.

It’s just not the same

Thankfully those days are gone. The binge drinking is largely over although from time to time I have still had too much to drink. However, these days it seems like there is no really good reason to drink alcohol whatsoever. For whatever reason, even after one drink my sleep seems to suffer. Similarly, my energy dips and my motivation for being outside drops as well. Maybe I’m getting “old”, or maybe I’m just done with booze. Maybe it’s a little of both but I don’t care. Sleep, fitness, health are way more important to me than beer that’s for sure, so as of a few days ago you won’t see a bottle of beer or a glass of wine in my hands. I’m happier without it!

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4 Responses to Alcohol Free – Just in time for summer

  1. i quit january 1st. one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

  2. Too bad…I just bottled 30 bottles of Pinor Noir and Shiraz

  3. Good for you sean! Congrats!

  4. Sean Verret says:

    Thanks Shawn but I’ll drink water next time I’m over!