Back on December 29, 2014 our home was broken into while we slept. It was a particularly windy night/morning and the thieves broke in at 5:47am. They came back around 6:12am for a second round. Unfortunately our video camera didn’t capture everything so we don’t know what they were doing between 5:47 and 6:12am. We posted this video on the internet and that’s when everything did a complete 180.

It took me forever to create this video, namely due to the video format, but after hours of fiddling and fumbling on the computer I finally posted the video around 10pm on December 30th. The next morning my inbox was flooded with emails, I had voicemails on my phone and my Facebook account was being pinged by the minute. Global News was in our house by noon, the article was on The Province’s website and the embrace from the community had begun.

That night we headlined on Global News across the nation and even more calls, emails and Facebook messages came in. Within a day the video had been seen around 10,000 times and we couldn’t believe it.

Going Viral

In the coming days the video truly went viral and by the end of the week it had over 60,000 views and was one of the top viewed videos in Canada on YouTube for that week. Again, the way the Squamish community and the national biking community embraced us truly made us feel so good. It helped take us from the lowest of lows and made us realize how grateful we are for everything and everyone we do have.

As the video went viral, the tips kept rolling in and the RCMP were ecstatic.


Speaking of the RCMP, from the very beginning the RCMP were nothing but courteous and helpful. Constable Waraich kept us in the loop very regularly at the beginning and was very receptive to everything we asked. I’m normally not a fan of the police, mainly because I don’t like speeding tickets, but I have to say I was nothing but impressed with the RCMP every single step of the way.

Very early the RCMP were able to make their first arrest. They arrested a 17 year old minor from Squamish based on a testimonial received after seeing our video. They got more tips as the days and weeks went on and were able to just recently make a second arrest of a 19 year old, Nathan Marcus Rodney, from Vancouver. As news of this came out once again Global News was on our doorstep and emails, messages and phone calls came in from people showing their support.

As of today, they’re still searching for the third guy. If you know anything please contact Constable Waraich with the RCMP at 604-892-6100 ext 5010.

Did we get our bikes back?

None of our stuff has been found, but thankfully we had insurance. Over the years we’ve had a variety of home insurance and tenant insurance policies. Since moving to BC we’ve had out tenant insurance with TD Meloche Monnex and I have to say they have been nothing but supportive of our case. Unfortunately this is the second time our bikes were stolen, but fortunately TD Meloche Monnex has been there for us both times!  Thank you TD!


Today, nearly 6 weeks after the incident, we still wake up in the middle of the night when we hear something. We still take a deep breath each time we enter our garage. We still check our surveillance cameras more than we used to. The embrace from the community was fantastic, but the psychological side of things will take more time to heal.  This is something that insurance can’t take care of.  Instead Tanya and I need to work through this.  The community has helped a lot, but how long will it take before we open that garage door, feel the cool air and not have our heart skip a beat?  Time heals all…

How did we capture the video?

We have a DS212J Synology NAS (which is now a DS215J) backing up all of our data from our computers and camera. We use a TP-Link camera (model TL-SC3130G) that sends information wirelessly to the DS212J and stores it up to 10GB. It recognizes motion and begins recording when it detects motion.

Setting up the DS212J (Synology) is fairly straight forward. You don’t need to know how to program or anything. I read up on what camera that the synology Surveillance Station was compatible with, bought it and installed it. The Surveillance software comes with the Synology NAS.

Thank you

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped take this event and make it a more positive one for us.  To the community of Squamish and the mountain bikers/cyclists across Canada, thank you for your embrace and your support.  To the RCMP and notably Constable Waraich, thank you for your sincerity and diligence.  To our closest friends and family, thank you for understanding.  To Norco and the guys at Norco John Henry Bikes thank you for your unwavering support and for getting us back on our bikes as soon as you can.  To our insurance adjuster at TD Katherine, thank you for making things better.

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2 Responses to Bike Theft in Squamish

  1. Auntie Claire says:

    So grateful your family is emerging from this without too much damage… I was broken into twice while living in Edmonton, and both times left me rattled – but grateful it was only possessions I lost. Hope you’re out biking again before Sierra can do it herself! Take care!

    • Sean Verret says:

      Thanks Claire! We were definitely rattled but the way the community embraced us so quickly really made us feel good. I think bikes will be in our hands in a week or two!!!