In today’s social media universe everything is being watched, photographed, video taped, tweeted, shared etc.  Whether you like it or not, if you have a free email address (hotmail, gmail, etc.), a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account or any other free version of “networking”, some version of your “profile” is being broadcast to the world.  So the question becomes then,

How are you being portrayed to the world?

It’s really simple, just google yourself.  If you don’t find yourself, google yourself and the name of the city you live in.  If you still don’t find yourself, make sure you spelled your name correctly.  If you still don’t find yourself perhaps you’re still “invisible” to the googling world.  But if you do find yourself, how are you portrayed?  Do you like it?  If not, and it’s not the real you, then what are you doing to ensure the real you is being portrayed to the world?  Worse yet, if you don’t like it and it is the real you, what are you going to change?

Does social media broadcast the worst or best in people?

Unfortunately, I feel that Social media has an interesting way of broadcasting the worst in people.  When people do stupid stuff, it becomes laughing matter and people share it more than ever.  For example, the video below, is of a woman who obviously has an opinion on something that probably 100% of the scientific community or those with any amount of science education might disagree with.  It’s unfortunate that she posted this on the internet, because the amount of hatred and bullying go back towards her is unwarranted.  However, she did post it on the internet, but was she thinking before she did it?

Stupid stuff seems to gather traction in mainstream media and then blow up in social media

Take, for example, Rob Ford’s recent indulgence with a crack pipe.  This guy is the mayor of Toronto for goodness sakes.  What was he thinking?  Did he honest believe that he was making a good decision?  In a day and age where everyone has a smart phone and is snapping photos or taking videos do you think it’s really that smart to be doing anything this foolish?  Now I’ve never been a Rob Ford fan especially with his anti-bike lane attitude, but come on Rob, who do you think you are?

Even stuff in our past can rear it’s ugly head and blow up in our faces

Ask Ryder Hesjedal how he feels today.  A day after a book excerpt comes out and a forced confession, not necessarily on his terms, is given.  This is evidence that even things we did several years ago can rear their ugly head in today’s day of social media and mainstream media.  I’m a huge Ryder fan and it’s too bad that he did what he did, but again because of Social Media, a sport that has basically no attention in Canada, is getting a ton of attention.

So what can you do?

I guess you have two choices.  You can live in a shell or make good choices.  If you live a life based on integrity and core to your values and live that life every day then that is the life that will be portrayed on the internet.  That is the life that every person, who doesn’t yet know you that well, will see.  Be true to who you are with what you do, and with what you share.

Now if you don’t know who you are, maybe that’s the first question to ask before you even think about sharing anything…

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