So I think the Westcoasters have to trick themselves in to believing they’re not cross-country riding and thus they come up with names for races like Super D. What exactly does the D stand for anyways? It certainly wasn’t “downhill” in my books. I realize a Super D is supposed to have some uphill sections but the downhill sections today weren’t exactly what I’d categorize as downhill. More like XC to me, except maybe a little more technical.

This was the elevation profile so you can understand why I expected a little more downhill...

However, this still was my first ever Super D race, and for that matter, my first mountain biking race since 2008. But today was different. Today was about fun, today was about trying something new, today there was no real preparation, nor was there any pressure.

Rippin' it up!

The “official” results had me just outside the top 10 in the 30+ category and just outside the top 20 overall. However the real results yielded a big smile on my face, some time outside with friends and team mates, a cold Red Racer beer at the end, a few laughs and my first sunburn of the season.

Perfect way to end the day

Thanks to Team John Henry Bikes, Ryders, Red Racer and the rest of our sponsors for helping with such a great day!

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One Response to John Henry West Coast Super D

  1. John says:

    The fact that you had fun says this event was a success however I would like to see every super D event in the area based on sections of a DH course, technical, fast and adrenaline pumping with just enough climbing that you can’t win on a DH bike. If this ever happens count me in!