I was lucky enough to attend Ryan Leech’s Ride & Reach at the end of May.  It was pegged to be a weekend filled with mountain biking and yoga.  Little did many of us know that we were also going to take part in a few workshops that gave us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves as well.


During the weekend we worked on the similarities between our riding, our yoga and our life.  We asked the question of ourselves, “How do we do these things?”, and then considered how we might do them differently.  We worked on breathing exercises in the yoga studio and on the mountain biking trails.

Definitely the most defining moment for me, and I suspect my fellow attendees, was when we did a breathing exercise climbing an FSR in Robert’s Creek in silence and using our breath to help everyone in our group achieve maximum capacity.  This exercise was truly memorable and had a huge impact on me.  Understanding the power of breathing and the power of the universe when you’re open to all it gives was absolutely amazing.

If you have the opportunity to do one of Ryan’s clinics I’d highly recommend it!

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2 Responses to Riding, Reaching and…. Reflecting

  1. Sean Verret says:

    Thanks Ryan for the great weekend. Can wait to come to another one of your sessions. For those who don’t know Ryan Leech check out his fan page!

  2. Ryan K Leech says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful blog post…love the ‘reflecting’ add on to the name, can I use that to promote my next workshop?..cheers buddy, you contributed so much to everyone’s experience over the weekend, thanks for that!