We are about to have our first child.  Tanya is due in 3-4 weeks.  Our lives will forever be changed and we’re super excited about it.  If it means I’m not going to sleep for the next 6 months, I’m excited for it.  If  it means my kid is going to spray shit all up her back side, on the wall and all over me, I’m excited for it. We’ve been trying to have kids for 5 years, so we just feel so damn lucky that we’re able to have one.


That’s why I’m sick and tired of hearing…

… so many people (mainly men) say to me baloney like:

  • “I feel sorry for you…”
  • “Your life is over now…”
  • “Guess I’ll never see you again…”
  • “Another one bites the dust…”
  • “That’s too bad…”
  • “Hold on to what hair you have left…”

and other f’d up nonsense.  Are you kidding me people?  I am so excited it’s beyond words, yet these dough heads have the nerve to say this ridiculous crap.  The worst part is pretty much every damn one of them HAS KIDS!!!!!

I feel sorry for the kids of these parents

I wonder how many times these parents say this while their kids are in the room, in their arms, within listening distance.  What do you think your kid is going to feel when you say this garbage and they can hear it?  Regardless of their age, if they can comprehend words, then the impact is being made.

Some say they’re joking

Well I think that’s a load of crap.  I think they’re actually shallow.  There’s always some truth in a joke.  It’s too bad, because I think too many people take getting pregnant and having kids for granted.  Well I know I sure don’t and I know Tanya sure doesn’t.  We are so stoked to be able to have a daughter coming in to this world you wouldn’t believe it, so to the asshats out there who want to tell me this other baloney, please keep it to yourself!


So how do I end this with a positive?

It’s quite simple.  I’m just gonna love the hell out of our new daughter and make sure she knows how lucky we feel every day to have her in our lives.  I’ll leave the asshats to chat amongst themselves, while Tanya and I sore above the clouds because we just are that grateful and feel like we’re on cloud nine.

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17 Responses to Stop saying you feel sorry for me – I’m sick of it…

  1. Dave Mackie says:

    The birth of our daughter was the single, most amazing, life changing experience that has ever happened in our lives. Nothing else even remotely comes close. She will be 6 in a few weeks, and I wouldn’t trade a day of it for anything. I sure don’t feel sorry for you!

  2. Feel sorry for those parents of those kids too…it’s sad that they don’t “get” how lucky they are!! Excited for you guys…see you in the trails with the little ones…

  3. Blanerva says:

    Well said Sean! Can’t believe those people are allowed to have children! I don’t know you but I know Tanya and so I know you both will be absolutely amazing parents! Can’t wait to meet the little princess!

    • Sean Verret says:

      Thanks Blan! I don’t know you either, but that’s what Tanya calls you so I feel I can too :-)

  4. Laurel Kaiser says:

    I am a FB friend of Tanya’s, I have gotten to know her pretty well, because she is such an open person on FB. I am thrilled for the both of you. I have family friends that bemoan the fact that they have children every chance they get. It has irreparably damaged one daughter, in particular. I don’t care if you even say it kiddingly. When your kids know that you think they have ruined your finances, your freedom, your life, it makes them feel terribly guilty. Your duaghter isblessed to have two great parents!!!! I know tanya will post FB pcs and I can’t wait!

    • Sean Verret says:

      Thanks Laurel. I have no doubt it would cause irreparable damage. Kids are sponges, no matter what they get filled with, they’re going to keep it in. We might not have many pics on FB of our new baby, but there will be pics to pass around.

  5. Joan Fox says:

    Well said, Sean! Your life will change, but for the better. You will NEVER want to go back. Every phase that your daughter goes through will be an exiting and wonderful experience, even the “terrible twos” and the teenage years. Now that our sons are grown, we look back and are thankful for every step of the journey. As adults, they are our friends and we feel blessed beyond words.

    • Sean Verret says:

      That’s the goal Joan. We think that being open, honest and transparent about everything with our child will lead to a life long relationship that grows as both we do and our child does!


  6. Sean Verret says:

    Thanks for the positive comments guys!

  7. Sean, I don’t know you very well, but thank you for this post! I’m very excited for you two. Matt and I have a very high energy, rambunctious 3 year old daughter, and we would never, ever go back to our easy days of riding Fromme from our backyard whenever we wanted. She’s healthy but alot of work, and worth every millisecond. Nothing compares to the day your child holds your finger, or smiles at you, or hugs you back, or says “I love you” back. We even moved into the city, closer to our shop, just so it would be easier for us to manage family and business life. All of those cliches really ring true now. She truly is our pride and joy. Enjoy the ride. It’ll be the biggest roller coaster and the most satisfying one of your life. P.S. Get new friends.

  8. Sad how people see this as an end when it really is the beginning. The beginning of a life with such a deeper emotional attachment. I think it’s their fear of experiencing this attachment that keeps them distant ( especially men). It does present the opportunity to push these individuals to open up to the possibility of a more fulfilled life though.

  9. Steve Justus says:

    Total agree with the entire rant. When we had our first I had two, that’s right two, people that said something positive without adding ten negatives. Your life gets better with kids. Change is good. And I am absolutely certain that you will be great parents!

  10. Aimee Dunn says:

    Truth – I have done a lot of fun adventurous things etc…NOTHING tops being a parent for me…Nothing. (period)

  11. Like! Like! Like! Absolutely the *ultimate* adventure. :)

  12. Laurel says:

    The love you feel for a child is the most overwhelming, powerful, all encompassing feeling in the world…..and i am so so glad you two are going to start this new chapter in your life’s journey. The happiness you feel when you look into that little face is like no other…….the pride and joy when each new obstacle in life is overcome…….AND THE BEST PART??? – it never ends, even when they are all grown up!!! Having children is like a roller coaster adventure race – you NEVER know what is around the next corner – but i know you guys are totally up for the ride!! Sorry for you???? that’s crazy talk – i hope whomever made these statements really is joking, however badly. This will be the best time in your life – enjoy every single moment!!! :)