A friend of mine posted this question on Facebook the other day and it blew up into a flurry of comments between a variety of posters/friends who most likely have varying levels of expertise in their actual capability to answer the question with any sort of research backed scientific reason for their opinion.  I don’t know whether they do or not, because I don’t know any of them and thus don’t trust any of them to give me an accurate answer to this question.  But that begs me to wonder about who are people trusting these days?

Who do you trust?

One of the posters made a comment similar to this, “if your car broke down would you take it to a mechanic?”  He was trying to make the point, “what do I know I’m not a doctor, so I’ll trust my doctor”.  But would you take your car to any mechanic?  If you had a Porsche would you take it to the Ford dealership?  Would you take it to your mechanic you’ve had for the last 30 years?  Or would you go to a specialist who works on Porsches every day of the week?  Maybe your mechanic of 30 years, that you trust, might refer you to the Porsche guy just because he’s not sure how to fix your Johnson rod.  The real point I think this poster was was trying to get at was who do you trust to help you with this decision, because unless your an immunologist, you’re probably under qualified.

What if you’ve lost trust?

Another poster mentioned that their doctor proved their son was poisoned my mercury apparently from a vaccine by using blood tests. This poster was very emotional in their defence citing a variety of websites and doctors and articles that are all too easy these days to find online.  The poster cited 10,000 hours of “research” that they had done, though I doubt any of it was behind the microscope or involved actual live specimens/cultures or experimentation in a lab coat, and had written 3 books on the subject.  What I think this poster really was trying to get at was, “I went to people I trusted and they didn’t help my son, thus I lost trust in them and went elsewhere.”   So what do you do if you lose trust?

Trust goes down, fear goes up

At the end of the large amount of comments on this post another friend of mine asked the question, “if we could take away the fear surrounding both [options (to vaccinate or not)] I wonder how the tone [of posts] would change”.  So I asked myself the question, “what are my fears surrounding either vaccinating my child or not vaccinating my child?”  My answer is irrelevant, but what’s interesting is that if I ask myself this question, the answer really comes back to the question “whom do I trust?”  Do I trust my doctor, my naturopath, my facebook friends, my family, my mechanic, myself?  The reason it comes to this, is because I have NO IDEA whether vaccinations are good to get or not, I’m not a doctor, I’m not an immunologist, I’m not an expert, so I have to trust the experts with whom I put my trust in.  Fortunately, I have some people in my life that I trust very dearly and I’ll take their opinions in when attempting to formulate my own.  Thus, because I have a high level of trust, my fear is relatively low on this one.  I don’t need to watch videos or read internet sites or read some doctor’s rants or read someone’s book.  I need to trust my people but most importantly trust what’s between my two ears.

So who do I trust?

I trust people.  Real people that I can connect with.  I don’t trust the internet.  I don’t trust people ranting on Facebook.  I wrote about “connections” a few weeks ago and how we seem to have lost the ability to develop good relationships any more.  I think people would rather tweet their problems than talk to someone face-to-face.  I think people would rather post about their problems on some online forum and get answers from someone on some online forum because “they understand what I’m going through” rather than consulting someone face-to-face.  I think we’re scared of talking about our problems to real people.  I think we’re scared of showing weakness in front of real people.  I think we’ve lost trust in real people, like scientists, including immunologists.  But, worst of all, I think we’ve lost trust in ourselves… and until we can rebuild that trust, we’re never really going to be able to trust our family, our friends, our doctors, our mechanics and instead will continue to search for answers and get those answers from people who are just like us…


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61 Responses to To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question

  1. Sean Verret says:

    Sean, if you really want to discuss trust, that’s what you’d lead with. I think it’s a cheap trick to head with something else entirely, that you KNOW will lead to a shitstorm, to attract attention.

    I find some aspects of the medical profession distastefully self-serving, but modern medicine can and should be credited with the near-eradication of many diseases that were prevalent and absolutely terrible to previous generations and should be more prevalent, all else equal, in the ‘global society’ we now live in.

    I think it’s entirely possible that vaccines cause adverse reactions. And that’s bad. But it’s besides the point, which is this: are those adverse reactions better or worse than plagues? Because plagues were fucking miserable for everyone. We forget that because we haven’t had any recently, but they were just brutal.

    I also think Kant’s categorical imperative need be considered. What if everyone did what you did? Would that be good or bad? If no one vaccinated, we’d have plagues again. And relying on everyone else to vaccinate so you don’t have to is incredibly selfish. Doing your part is the price you pay for participation in a society. Failing to do your part undermines that society and encourages others to undermine it as well. Why should I do my part when you won’t? Else we go down that road, VACCINATE YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN!

  2. Sean Verret says:

    Toby the title was pertinent because that’s what lead to my discussion on trust… The background mentioned the story, the end finished with trust…

  3. Dave Mackie says:

    I like how you did this. The responses are interesting.

  4. Wade Graham says:

    Sean read a book called “The Speed of Trust” feeds directly into your idea.

    PS You are a brave man posting this :)

  5. Glenn Peck says:

    Not that i believe anything I read on the internet but here is another article anyhow http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/vaccination-growing-up-unvaccinated/

  6. I’m an immunologist…I vaccinate my children…natural immunity is not enough, neither is “herd” immunity

  7. Sean Verret says:

    Wade, I’ve read it.

  8. Jenny McCarthy should be in jail for all the people she has damaged through her immoral message. The only reason we are having this discussion is because none of us have seen the effects of major disease, haven’t lost siblings, have lived very safe lives. If we witnessed the effects of polio, small pox or other others, we would never have this discussion. Immunize your kids, encourage others to do the same.

  9. Vaccinations all the way!!! It can save lives.

  10. Glenn Peck says:

    Australia was measles free in 2005, until people became complacent. http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/anti-vaccination-rhetoric-what-to-say/