I was a member of Team John Henry Bikes for Wade’s Excellent Adventure. My team mates were Tim Coleman, Megan Rose and Nicholas Lemare. Last year, I was the weak link on the team when it came to the technical downhill sections. After repeated supermans and crashes I was a wreck for our second lap that day.

This year was a different story. Despite a sore back which still doesn’t allow for comfort on long rides, this was a race that involved 4 very short races (less than 20-30 minutes) within a race. I rode my all mountain bike this year versus my XC bike and the team came in purely for fun and removed all expectations.

The race began with a technical uphill section which should have been my specialty. Unfortunately my seat came loose and I was of no help to the team. I wasn’t able to clean any of the bonus sections, and I walked the entire uphill section as I couldn’t sit on my seat. Fortunately we used our best time on this section and my time wasn’t needed.

The next section was a team time trial. Our team headed off with Nick in the lead, Tim behind Nick and Megan following Tim’s path. I stayed on Megan’s wheel and we flawlessly covered the course without any real casualties. On the first section I had also smashed my pedal in and wasn’t able to clip in to my pedals properly. However, I managed to stay with the team and give us a respectable time in this section.

The next leg was a technical climb preceded by the chugging of a BEvERage. It didn’t matter how long it took you to do the section. If you cleaned it you got a 2 minute credit. If you didn’t you got a 2 minute demerit. Each team only was allowed one rider for this section and I was chosen to be the rider. I chugged the beer and headed up the track. I rolled along just fine until the very end of the track. I rolled around a large rock and headed up the gravel to screams from a 100+ riders. The gravel was really loose and like 95% of the people I washed out on the gravel less than 2 strokes away from the top. No credit for our team.

Courtesy Marcus Riga

The final leg was a mass start where all the riders could choose one of two legs. Everyone on my team chose the same leg so I decided I’d take the other leg just in case something happened. I rode very safely and stayed behind the more wreckless riders. I survived the downhill and traversed Baden Powell to the finish. I past a few riders on BP and on Mountain Highway coming up. Amazingly I was the first rider to cross the finish line fro our team and thus my time was used for this section.

The final results were never posted, but we didn’t win. However we didn’t care. Instead we had an amazing day of fun on the trails with friends. We sat around after and enjoyed Tippie on the mega phone and had a BEvERage or two. I left with a huge smile on my face after a truly awesome day.

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One Response to Wade’s Excellent Adventure – Race Report

  1. Sean Verret says:

    Thanks to my Team John Henry Bikes team mates, Tim, Megan and Nicholas.